Delivery time 21 days
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  • An appointment will be made for the delivery of this lot. This happens in the first week after the payment of the lot.

  • After the payment of your lot, the lot will be delivered within 14 days. In exceptional cases this can be delayed.

  • Delivery of the lot takes place as standard up to the first threshold of the first door or to where transporters can reach with the pallet truck. Make sure that it is easily accessible. Keep in mind transporters cannot use a pallet truck on gravel, thresholds and unpaved paths (such as sandy paths, etc.).

  • Packaging materials and pallet(s) will be left behind.

  • The delivery region can be found in the auction information. Standard delivery is in the Netherlands (excluding the Wadden Islands) and Belgium.

  • Make sure you leave the correct phone number when paying (during the checkout). This way we can contact you to make a delivery appointment.

  • Delivery takes place to the address you entered in the check out. Unfortunately, the address cannot be changed after the check out. So make sure you enter the correct address.

  • Are you buying multiple lots in one auction? It is possible that several sellers participate in the auction. It is therefore possible that you receive different lots from different sellers.

  • For more information about the delivery auctions, see our FAQ.

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