Did you not receive an SMS code? (phone verification registration)

For the security of your account we send an SMS code during the registration process to verify your phone number. Sometimes the SMS code does not arrive. Below you can read possible causes why you do not receive the SMS code.

Possible reasons for not receiving the SMS code:

  • Are you sure the phone number is correct? You can change the phone number in step 2.

  • Does your provider have a problem? You can check this for example via https://allestoringen.nl/.

  • Do you have sufficient range so you can receive the SMS code now?

  • Waiting long enough? Due to heavy traffic it can sometimes take a few minutes before the SMS code arrives.

  • SMS box full? If your SMS box is full the message will not arrive.

Did you check the causes mentioned above and is the SMS still not coming in? Please contact us via e-mail.

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