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What is the difference between static bid and autobid?
What is the difference between static bid and autobid?
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There are two ways to place a bid during the ascending phase:

Static bid: A static bid is a bid where the bidder outbids the current bid with at least the minimum increase. You then have to follow the bidding process yourself.

Autobid: When you place an autobid you enter your maximum bid. The system will then follow the bidding process for you and will, if necessary, outbid another bidder with the minimum increase untill your maximum bid has been reached. Only when another bidder outbids your maximum bid, will you not be the highest bidder anymore. An autobid can only be placed in an ascending auction.
You cannot place an autobid in the descending auction. If you want to place a bid in the descending auction, you will always have to click the ‘BUY’ button manually.

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