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My lot is damaged or not yet delivered. What do I do now?
My lot is damaged or not yet delivered. What do I do now?
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If your lot is damaged, pleasecontact customer service immediately. Is the packaging damaged? Take photos of the inside and outside and send them along with your message.

Is your lot listed as delivered in track & trace but you haven't received it yet? Please report this to our customer service via e-mail, so we can immediately investigate.

When you contact us, the agent can send you a statement not received so we can start an investigation with the carrier.

Please note that delivery companies are very busy at the moment. It is possible that your lot will arrive later than expected. In some cases it can also take longer for the delivery company to pick up the lot from the seller. In this case, you can see in the track & trace that the parcel has been registered, but has not yet been received by the delivery company. We ask for your understanding for this.

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