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What is the purpose of the registration statement?
What is the purpose of the registration statement?
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In order to place a bid on an auction, a signed registration statement with a legalized signature is required.
The registration statement links your BOG Auctions/Nationale Vastgoedveiling account to your identity / your legal entity. Bids placed under your account, are attributed to the person / legal entity that is named in your registration statement. Please verify that your personal details correspond with your proof of identity document.

To participate in an auction, you only have to legalize your signature on your registration statement once.

Every notary in the Netherlands can perform a legalization. Click here to download the registration statement and see which notary offices perform the legalization free of charge.

Are your personal details changed? For example because you have moved or your passport has expired? Or have you passed on a change to KVK? Don't forget to also adjust your registration statement.

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