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How can I participate in a Real Estate auction?
How can I participate in a Real Estate auction?
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We have two platforms for selling/auctioning Real Estate: BOG Auctions and Nationale Vastgoedveiling.

For commercial real estate you can go to BOG Auctions, for private real estate you have come to the right place at Nationale Vastgoedveiling.

If you create an account on one of these platforms, you can bid at both BOG Auctions and Nationale Vastgoedveiling. If you register yourself via BOG Auctions, you are also registered for the National Real Estate Auction. And vice versa of course.

In order to actually bid on real estate, you must have yourself legalized once at a notary. That way we know for sure who you are. And that auctions off so safely.

Follow these steps to participate in a real estate auction:

1. Register
In order to participate in an auction you have to create an account on the website. If you already have an account on BOG Auctions, Nationale Vastgoedveiling or BVA Auctions, you don’t have to register and you can log in with your account. Please note: you can not (yet) place bids on our real estate labels BOG Auctions / Nationale Vastgoedveiling.

2. Legalize
To participate in the real estate auctions you must register with a notary by means of a registration statement. This legalization can be done by all notaries in the Netherlands, sometimes for a (small) fee.

Click here for the registration statement and an overview of notaries where you can get legalized.

If you already have a legalization for BOG Auctions or National Real Estate Auction, you can request the legalization for BVA Auctions from our platform notary in your account at 'my settings'.

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