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How do I calculate the additional fees of a vehicle?
How do I calculate the additional fees of a vehicle?
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The auction fees and VAT can vary from one lot to another. This information can be found in the bidding details on the page for each lot.

Before you confirm your bid, you will be taken to a page with a calculation. This includes the final payable amount.

Most common types of vehicle lots.

  1. Normal lot: this is the most common type of lot. You will find the auction fees and the calculation of the total amount here. 21% VAT is applied to the total amount (excluding the remaining BPM [Passenger Car and Motorised Vehicle Tax]).

  2. Margin lot: this is an item on which VAT has already been paid. There has been no VAT refund. Therefore, VAT will not be calculated for this. For this lot, a margin is calculated. The percentage for this varies from one lot to another.

  3. Doorschuifregeling [Carry-Forward Regulation]: The first registration of this company car was after July 1, 2005. For the BPM payable, the tax department grants an exemption to the previous owner.

Note: the remaining BPM for this vehicle is therefore still owing.

For an individual, it's no problem to buy a car with this regulation. The BPM contribution is arranged through BVA.

If you wish to buy the car for a business (this also applies to taxis), the BPM exemption can be carried forward and you can retrieve the BPM that has been paid.

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