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How does bidding on a vehicle work?
How does bidding on a vehicle work?
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Anyone (individuals and businesses) can bid on a vehicle. It is important, however, to pay attention to certain things and to do your own research before placing a bid. This will enable you to prevent any unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Vehicle information

All information known to us is stated in the lot. This is the information that has been ascertained by BVA Auctions/BVA Automotive. With voluntary auctions, any information passed on by the previous owner is also stated. Where applicable, there are often further "detailed specifications" stated in the lot description. This text is indicated with a link. By clicking on it, you can open these detailed specifications.

The NAP [mileage verification] status as displayed by BVA is based on the period during which the vehicle has been/was registered in the Netherlands.

Note: vehicles are also put up for auction without inspection. This means we carry out no technical checks on the vehicles and describe only what we can see and read (for example, the mileage). So the possibility of technical defects in a vehicle cannot be ruled out.

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