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How do I arrange the registration transfer of my vehicle?
How do I arrange the registration transfer of my vehicle?

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Registering a vehicle? This is what you need to know.

Make sure you bring the following documents with you to the pick-up location:

  • Your BVA-Auctions invoice (printed or digital)

  • A valid identity document

After we have received your payment, you can contact us to request the vehicle's registration code. Note: if you use a transporter, you need to arrange the registration in advance.

Would you like to register the vehicle on the day of collection? Then you don't need to do anything in advance; you will receive the vehicle's registration code on collection day.

On pick-up days that are expected to be busy, the seller can e-mail the registration code in advance and ask you to register the vehicle. This only happens when the lot has been paid.

To transfer a vehicle, you need to take the vehicle's registration code to a PostNL or RDW-approved car company.

An employee of PostNL or a RDW-recognised car company will then put the vehicle in the name of the new owner and arrange for a registration code. This is all done within a few minutes!

You will receive the registration card and the second registration code from RDW by post at your home address.

You also receive a certificate of exemption. You hand in this certificate when you pick up your vehicle. You will then receive your vehicle and can enjoy your purchase.

Costs of transferring a vehicle

The buyer will have to pay the costs for the registration of the vehicle and the licence plate.

Make use of a transporter

When you use a transporter, the registration has to be fulfilled already. The codes can be requested after payment of the invoice. You can e-mail the indemnification back to us and give the original to the transporter.

Please note! To transfer a car or motorbike, you must be at least 18 years old.

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