Won a vehicle, moped or motorcycle? Congratulations on your acquisition! We understand that you want to enjoy it quickly. And we have good news: you can pick up your lot(s) on the scheduled collection day. We work with time slots to adhere to the corona measures. That way we protect everyone's safety. Yours, our sellers' and our own.

If you place the highest bid, we'll send you an email after the auction closes with an iDeal payment link and an option to reserve a time slot. Chances are you're eager to pick up your lot. But before you come, we want to sort out the administration with you. We ask you to first pay for the lot you've won using the payment link in the email. Have you succeeded? Then contact our customer service. They will be happy to give you the registration code. You will need this code to transfer the vehicle to your name. That way the RDW also knows that you are the new owner.

When the administration is complete, you can come by to collect your new vehicle. You are welcome to do so during the period that you have reserved. The seller will have your vehicle ready for you. Safely and without fuss. One more thing: The rules for viewing days, collection days and parking vehicles can vary from auction to auction. You can find the details on the auction information page.

Can I have my lot(s) picked up and delivered?

Would you prefer to have your new vehicle delivered? That's also possible. There are a number of transporters who know exactly how BVA Auctions works. Click here for our list of transporters, and feel free to ask them for a free quote. The transporter will gladly bring your lot(s) to your chosen address (upon presentation of your invoice). By the way, you do enter into a direct contract with the transport company. This means that we are not responsible for the transport. Can I have large machines and vehicles delivered? As much as we would love to bring your new vehicle to you, this is not possible for all lots. Large (dismountable) machines, vehicles and vessels can therefore unfortunately not be delivered. Please make an appointment to pick up your lot via the auction information page.

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