Online auction
An online auction is initiated by BVA Auctions. Bids are made via the platform of BVA Auctions. There is no fixed location for these bids. Please note: this includes both auctions where the lots need to be picked up as well as lots that are delivered. Make sure you check this on the auction information before you place a bid.

Public auction
In a public auction, in addition to online bidding from an external location, a bidder also has the opportunity to place an online bid in front of an auctioneer in the auction room and attend the closing time. The closure of a public auction takes place at the location Kryptonweg 8, 3812 RZ in Amersfoort. You can mainly register by e-mail via This can be done until 15.00 at the latest on the day the auction closes. There are no costs involved in attending a public auction.

Auctions by order of Domeinen Roerende Zaken
These auctions are carried out by BVA Auctions on behalf of Domeinen Roerende Zaken. Domeinen Roerende Zaken (DRZ) represents the State as owner of movable property. DRZ is a directorate of the Ministry of Finance.

Executive auction
In a foreclosure auction, by order of a pledgee (e.g. a lease company, bank and/or tax authority), a company's stock can be auctioned off.

Bankruptcy auction
In a bankruptcy auction, for example, a company stock of a bankrupt company is auctioned off by order of a trustee.

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