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I have placed an autobid, how does this work?
I have placed an autobid, how does this work?
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If your autobid is the highest bid, it does not always mean that the autobid you placed will be the amount after the auction closes. The various examples are listed below:

Example 1:
You have placed an autobid with a maximum of 100 euros. The system will automatically bid for you according to the minimum next bidding step. If the bidding step is increased by, for example, 20 euros, the minimum next bid after a bid of, for example, 60 euros will be 80 euros. If you are not outbid after your last car bid of 80 euros, you are the highest bidder with a bid amount of 80 euros and so you do not have to pay 100 euros that you have placed as the maximum bid. The system will therefore never bid more than the maximum bid set by you.

Example 2:
Suppose you place a maximum bid of 85 euros on a lot where the bid step is 20 euros and the last bid placed by another bidder is 80 euros, in this case the system will place your maximum bid of 85 euros despite the fact that the minimum next bid must be 100 euros. Therefore, the system will always place your maximum bid amount that you have set.

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