Bidding on a lot is only possible by first creating an account by registering. Below you can see an example of a bidding process. To bid on a lot, please visit the desired lot. A bid can be placed per lot. If you are not logged in yet, you can do so by filling in your details in the blue box. You do this as shown in the image below:

Now a field 'Your bid' will appear. Here you have to fill in the minimum next bid. Then click on 'Check your bid'. You do this as shown in the image below:

In the next screen you will see a calculation of the total amount of your bid. Note: If you do not click 'Confirm' your bid will not be confirmed. Confirm your bid as shown in the image below. After you have confirmed your bid, an email will be sent to you immediately to confirm your bid. As soon as this bid is outbid, you will receive an email informing you that your bid has been outbid with the text 'You have been outbid'.

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