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What is a minimum bid
What is a minimum bid
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A minimum bid is the minimum selling price. This bid is compiled by experts and the seller.

In the lot description you can see how close your bid is to the minimum bid.

How does an auction with a minimum bid work?

We have divided the bids into 3 colors and texts:

1. When there is no bid placed yet you will see the text in red: Minimum bid has not
been placed yet. Are you the first?

2. When there have already been bids but the minimum bid has not yet been
reached you will see this text in orange: The minimum bid has almost been
reached. Are you the first?

3. When the minimum bid is reached you will see the text in green:
Good news! The minimum bid has been placed.

If the minimum bid has not been met when the auction ends, the lot will not be sold. Sometimes the lot will be put on the auction again, with a lower minimum bid. This is not always the case. Keep an eye on the website for this!

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